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Born and raised in Sin City (aspires to be an extra as a tree in the next movie), Grant Cox has been told all his life that he looks like Jim Carrey.  He once dressed in a banana suit for a friend’s show and was chased by his friend in a gorilla suit. Inspired by the minds of Mystery Skulls, The Bee Gees (“Staying Alive” is his go-to karaoke song and he totally sings it all in falsetto), Phil Collins (especially those sweet nectar of life drums) and funky electronic music, he spins them together in a web of downtempo deliciousness that caters to your electronic music soul. He does everything himself from writing and producing the music to making his own artwork and being personal with marketing. One person once referred to him as the “James Bond of Electronic Music”. That was pretty cool.


Once upon a time he started off with his wishful music career by playing drums in a local Las Vegas metal band (that’s why the drum parts are so wickedly awesome). He had glorious long hair and everything to fit the part, though sometimes decided to play metal shows in tight black jeans and a girl’s pink polo. On the side he started producing some weird wanna-be industrial techno under the name of Lawlerbawlz inspired by the likes of Infected Mushroom. Everything changed when he got his first copy of Reason. He started by writing a pop hop song using as many presets as possible because he had no idea how to work the software. It came out pretty cool though and was still talked about by his friends years later. He had released that song under RoboTuxedo and continued the project for a while before dropping the name and using the name Graox which was meant to be more full of off-the-wall ideas that he never took anymore. As time passed, he realized he would like to change the name (yet again man, why?) and decided to go back to RoboTuxedo. Now he’s back and is preparing to lead you on a journey full of whatever he feels like at the time.

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